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[SOLVED] Hot cue set in RB not active when exported to USB on CDJ2000 nexus/ delete cue points

Howdy there,

I hope I am doing something wrong here and its an easy fix.

I have set a hot cue in Rekordbox on my laptop and exported the tracks and playlist to USB.

When the track is loaded from USB to CDJ2000 nexus, I can see the hot cue point A in green, but the Hot Cue A B C buttons on the CDJ wont let me recall the Hot Cue (ie turn green). It only lets me set a hot cue (red).

I can set the cue point via the CDJ but I would rather the cue point 's were active when exporting to USB.

Any idea's whats occuriing ?

I also cant delete any cue points as it says there are non when I press the call button, even though I can see them in green.


Rekordbox 2.0.7 / Firmare 1.13


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where do you "see them in green" on the player?


if you want them yo auto load when the track loads you must choose that in RB, Plug the drive back in, select all your tacks, click on the info pane on the left and then choose to "allow to autoload hot cue"

you can also set this in the preferences of RB for tracks you add to RB in the future

if you want to recall the hot cues without them auto loading you must hold the rec/call button down for 2-3 seconds until the cues you added start to blink, you can then press to load

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Thanks for the reply.

Holding down the Rec/call button works, thanks :)


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