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Rekordbox shows CBR files as VBR after analysis / doesn't export waveform to Nexus

I've been trying to figure out something odd. Just bought 2 CDJ2000Nexus and so I went to work with transferring my Traktor database to Rekordbox. So far so good after a bit of fiddling...


The thing I'm now seeing in the "information" screen in RB is that many files display the bitrate as being VBR while I buy all my MP3s in CBR (320) through Beatport. 

The other strange thing (and more annoyingly) is that when I export the files to a USB drive, all these 'VBR' files only display the 'full track' waveform instead of the detailed big waveform. 

Also, the slip mode on the Nexus is far from stable and doesn't stay in sync often. But I guess that needs to be in another part of the board. 

Any solution would be lovely.

Didier / Psytox


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