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Rekordbox taking ages just to export 50 songs.



I recently got to play with this software and I have gone through most of my music libary to hotcue and stuff. And right now I bought Transcend 32gb 10 class usb with a write speed of 20MBs.

I want to just have 50 songs on there so I can test it out tonight. I have set all the hotcue points and id3tags and it's litterly taking AGES! likewise it says it's spending around 3-5 minutes for just 1 song to get exported. If 50 songs already take this long what could it be when there are around 3000 songs to be exported to there? Will it take me a week?

Is there something wrong from my side? I bought 2 of them and I tried them both and both are slow. Do I format them right? FAT32 8K clusters.

Or is it completly normal?

Could anyone please enlight me?

Yuri Viroj

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