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Migrating Your Rekordbox Database from PC to MAC

Hello, I just found a way to migrate all the data from my rekordbox on my PC to my rekordbox on my MAC OSX.


Things you need to make this work is:

PC with rekordbox

MAC with rekordbox, TraktorDJ and rekordbudy.



First thing, save the collection of you rekordbox on the PC.

Transfer all your music from you PC to MAC (you must have all the music in the same folder in the PC)

know you must wait the..... are the files over? maybe not.


Well, know you open the collection in rekordbudy that you save from your PC, transfer all the data to traktor.

You open traktor, select all the files in the "Track Collection" folder, rightclick and press "Check Consistency".

Traktor will know tell you that all the files are missing. Press the "Relocate" butom, go to your main folder of the music, press select. Traktor will find the music (my traktor missed 30 song, well I have over 1500 so thats good enough for me).


Open traktorbudy when you locate all the songs that traktor missed, know you sync from traktor to rekordbox.

Open rekordbox and then you just import the collection you saved with traktorbudy and know you have all the files set and ready. (you might lose some data but your lists are there)

Andreas Dolk

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