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[SOLVED] Bug found when restoring library (intelligent playlists / playlist empty)

I think I've just found a bug in Rekordbox 2.20.


After exporting my library as a .edb file and then trying to import it on my other computer, all seems to work fine. All the tracks are found with the appropriate coverart, cuepoints and other meta data.

However, all of my intelligent playlists are blank. When I click to edit an intelligent playlist, the intelligent playlist settings area are blank except for one row that reads: [Artist] [=] [*blank*] and all of the other conditions are gone, as well as the "update automatically" checkbox in the bottom left corner of the edit area.

I'm using intelligent playlists ranging from two to five conditions each.


Has anyone else noticed this or have I missed some crucial piece of information?

Anton Lundberg

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From the engineers:

To keep intelligent lists, "smartlist.xml" in "rekordbox" folder is required.

This issue will be fixed in 2.2.1. 

2.2.1 generates a zip file when creating a backup file with the backup function(file menu). 

If users use this new backup systhem, they can migrate to another computer easily.

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