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[SOLVED] Copying "Contents" folder from old USB Drive to new USB Drive

Hello, I have a few USB flash drives(4g,16g,32g) with Rekordbox files that contain all my information; songs,cues,loops, etc. I was wondering how I can transfer/copy the data/songs from my old USB Flash drives to my new 128G Flash Drive without having to transfer any of the songs itself. Is this possible?

I currently tried copying/pasting the 'Contents' folder from an older select USB drive to see if the newer USB would allow it to read, and when I opened up rekordbox, the tracks would not display in 'All Tracks' in the new 128G USB. The tracks show up in the contents folder itself, but not when I look for a select track in the Rekordbox's USB Device folder.

Is there anyway to do this simply? Or do I have to add all my tracks to the USB one by one?

Michael Garcia

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You're missing the hidden "Pioneer" folder. Try copying that and you'll be golden.

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