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[OPEN] Synching Playlists from RB to USB?

Can someone explain to me how Automatic Synchronization works in the Device panel of Rekordbox?  I looked in the manual and found no help...

I have several playlists based on month.  I assumed that when I added a few tracks to one playlist in RB and checked auto sync in the device panel, that Rekordbox would automatically just add the tracks to the USB which weren't already on there.  Instead it seems to be replacing ALL the tracks on the USB with the playlist in Rekordbox I am trying to sync it with...  Does this mean I have to manually update each playlist on my USB stick every time I add a track to a playlist in Rekorbox?  Isn't this the oppostie of "Automatic Synchronization?" 

Any help is much appreciated!


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What should happen is any changes to the playlist (in rekordbox) are reflected to the drive when you connect it.

Example: you add or delete or update a track's information, when the device is connected it will recognize those changes and perform the appropriate action, whether it is to add, delete or update a track on the device.

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