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Rekordbox database improvement idea

I use an external drive for database and tunes as well becuase i have two computers and i can tweak rekordbox on both pc in the same database.

Everything works smoothly, however at home on my home pc  i would like to use pro link lan function to use xdj rx with the the external drive. it is not  possible now.

This would be a great feature, and i think it is quite easy to implement because all tracks and collection and database on the external drive and rekordbox already has database management feature, where i already can set to use external hdd database. The only problem is XDJ RX wont recognize it.

(Yes i know i can put hard drive to the xdj rx, but it has problems in key mode if i use usb and i dont want to wear away usb port and dust cover... yeah i'm a freak)

Laszlo Berta

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