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Rekordbox incredibly slow at reading files on USB

Hi I know this has been asked to some extent before but I could not find any proper 'responses' to the problem.

I use 32gig SanDisk Ultra 3.0 USBS as well as Data Traveller 100 G3 32gig and 64gig 3.0 USBS, and whenever I plug them into a 3.0 port in my computer and click on them in rekordbox, the software just gives up basically. It becomes incredibly slow and unresponsive and I can't even do anything not associated with the usbs. I have to just reopen rekordbox most of the time or wait a very long time. The USBS have a range of 300 to 1000 songs on them.

Why is rekordbox so slow and how can I get around this? Is there a way to look at the files in your usbs without rekordbox actually reading the waveform or something?




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