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RB3.0: What I like and dislike

Likes:  Preview feature.  Color/spectral waveforms.  Beat/Bar counter.   Jump by bars.  Tap Tempo.

Dislikes:  Having to toggle between GRID and CUE/LOOP controls.  Having to toggle between MEMORY, HOT CUE, and INFO panes.  No phrasing for metronome.  RB2.x grid alignment and tempo adjustments appear to be lost or overridden in some cases.  Siezure-inducing waveform 'flicker' during play.

Interesting:  The whole grid alignment issue gave me a bit of panic that it screwed up the database for my trusty version 2.x.  A quick check ensured that tempo and gridding were still rock solid on the old version.  Thanks for not messing with it.  The new features on 3.0 are not enough to overcome my dislikes as they relate to a negative impact in my workflow and overall usability (having to switch panes or control modes is going backwards, IMO.)

Overall, the gridding seems to be better than 2.x, but I definitely don't like the fact it tries to 2nd guess my settings from 2.x in a few cases.  This means that I'd double-check all tracks heading for a gig.  I'll run an accuracy test in a few days (can't remember the thread where I reported the issue, but 2.x was typically 50ms to an 1/8 note off in most cases.)


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