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DDJ-T1 + Midi Fighter / Midi Fighter Pro ?

Well ever since the DDJ-T1 came out I had thought its was pretty much going to be about as good as it gets in the controller market I opted and bought EVERYTHING. HDJ-2k's, the T1, Hard case, and pio monitors come to find out the s4 has the T1 beat out in every aspect except for jog wheels and they got full versions of both software's but ANYWAYS IM OVER IT. Ive come to love the T1 as its not perfect but shes amazing and shes all mine. So now im wondering I am seeing many videos of people running the S4 + Dj tech tools Midi fighter and Midi fighter pro. I was considering using this to take advantage of the sample decks for TP2 finally and maybe more? Anyone else done this or thought of this? Thoughts and Ideas? 


Hers a example:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nQ4p_pxEdM

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Don't see why not... you can use any number of MIDI devices in combination, whatever fits your needs and budget!

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