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[SOLVED] Soundcard issue with DDJ Ergo


I just got my DDJ Ergo controller. I installed Virtual Dj and the driver software. but now when i start virtual dj i get the error: "Error in the sound driver (DirectX/WDM): Your soundcard is probably not connected or the settings are incorrect." 

In the FAQ it says this is the error you get when you start virtual dj before your ergo controller, but this is not the case. I do everything as I should do it and I still get this error. 

Can anyone help me with my problem?

Lars Hanegraaf

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okay small update!! For some reason it seems to work now except one thing....

I dont hear anything over my speakers. The controller works fine all buttons work and stuff, I can hear things on my headphones. But the master output does not seem to be working! I don't know whats wrong? everything is plugged in fine. I'm connected to a mixer through master 2, and the mixer is connected to an amp+speakers. That's all plugged in fine so I'm guessing there are some settings or configurations wrong somewhere. I can't seem to find where tho. Anyone got a clue?

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i had the same problem "Error in the sound driver (DirectX/WDM)" when i was openeing vuirtual dj

but : i gone in the options and selected my ddj ergo asio and after no problem

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