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Pioneer DDJ-SX Mic problem solved

Their have been a lot of reports of people having problems with their mic , sounding muffled and distorted . I have been trying to solve this problem for awhile now , and I think I got it solved finally .  I use a Shure Pgx4 Wireless , and I also use a Shure SM58 Mic .  Every time I talked into the Mic it really sounded distorted , so I hooked up the mic to my Denon Dn-mc6000 unit and you can tell the difference in the Mic between both controllers. I kept all the setting the same on both controllers. So reading on the Forums I noticed more people that did have problems have a SM58 Mic . So I ordered a rode M1 Mic and wow this mic sounds so much better then the Shure sm58 .  I then took my Wireless mic and opened it up and changed the DB to -10 and this sounded better then before .  Anyways try out a different Mic and let me know how it works for you. 


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