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I have the DDJ SX Controller and recently updated to the latest firmware. And last night I played in the club and I was playing a song on the left Turntable or joggle and I was simply letting the song (had it in Hot Cue Button highlighted while song was playing) play then all of a sudden without me even touching the pads the song started going back to some of the hot cues that was program on that song. All by itself without me touching the pads at all. So I put it in Sample mode and it stop skipping.

Then I put it in Slicer mode or Hot Cue Mode, Roll Mode it continues to do them by itself (like I was touching the pad)


It doesn't do it on the right turntable only the left one. When I put it in Sampler mode it seemed to stop. How can I fix this from happening?  This just started happening, and I cannot stop it? What do I do? I have the latest Serato DJ and firmware. I did have another MiDi player on my Mac and removed it completely (all files deep) and removed it and I still have the same issue. What do I do?


This issue is still happening occasionally and it is a major problem on a packed dancefloor

Cavon Simons

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@Cavon > I think it may sound like a hardware fault. Has this only occurred since updating the firmware?

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