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DDJ SX Freezes

My DDJ SX have been freezing up for a while now. I first though it was my software, Virtual DJ 8 (VDJ 8). The program would freeze. I'll have to turn off my computer completely and restart it for VDJ 8 to  work but a minutes later  it would happen again. So I switch to Virtual DJ 7.4. Same problem. Then I switch to Serato. The problem was a little different. The DDJ SX function freeze but it didn't stop the Serato from completing play the song and I can add without any problem. The LED's stayed frozen but the buttons, volume control and cross fader continue to work. All my software have it's latest update. I did a test on VDJ 8, when VDJ 8 freezes, I'll turn of the DDJ SX and put it on and the VDJ 8 would automatically unfreeze. The DDJ SX have the latest firmware 1.07, plus I completely uninstall and reinstall the controller.

My Computer Spec.

Win 7 Pro

Toshiba Satellite L885

Intel Core i7-3630QM CPU@ 2.40GHz, 2401 MHz, 4 Core(s)


Larry John-Toussaint

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