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Can i use DDJ-WeGO with an external mixer & Virtual DJ Pro?



Where i DJ during the week, they have a DJM 900, which i would like to use in conjunction with my DDJ-WeGO. 


The set up means that a controller is in quite an awkward position, to the side; so I would like to use the DJM volume faders to control each Virtual DJ deck independently, & use the DDJ-WeGO just for the Play/Cue/Loop buttons.


However DDJ-WeGo only has one master output so therefore it will only connect to one channel on the mixer. 


My question is this.. is there a cable i can use that will separate the DDJ-WeGO channels i.e RCA to double RCA, that will allow me to do what i want? 


I used a Hercules MK4 before which had separate outputs for each channel so that was just a simple case of connecting each channel of the controller to separate channels on the mixer.




Max Corderoy

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