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Need feedback from CDJ 850 + Traktor S4 users

Hi guys,


I've been using the Traktor S4 for a few months now, and I must say it is a brilliant piece of hardware offering a variety of functions, and allowing original creativity. However, my question to you guys and gals is how does the CDJ 850 function with the Traktor S4, and Traktor Pro 2?

Has anyone come across any bugs/flaws with the released MIDI file?

Do all the functions on the CDJ 850 coincide effectively with the Traktor software.

The reason for introducing a CDJ to my set-up is to familiarise myself with it, as when I eventually do gigs I might not always use the S4; I know a lot of clubs seem to adopt the generic CDJ-900 set-up and alike.

I also just want to get a feel of the CDJ, and see how it functions, and what can be done with it. Over the next few months I plan to buy another CDJ, and then hopefully a mixer which will give me both a software and hardware set-up.



Matthew Scarpellino

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