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CDJ-2000 and RekordBox - BIG Problem

On the last weekend I found a big problem when using the RB-2000 and CDJ.

I was using the CDJ-2000 with RB via LINK. At one moment the RB froze and would need to close the program but the song that was playing could not stop.

So I decided to put a song via USB (flash drive) in another CDJ-2000.

And the problem was:

The CDJ was not playing (but was connected via LINK) just froze. WAIT message was being displayed. Nothing was possible to do. Could not switch to USB or CD. Simply nothing worked.

I then decided to turn off the CDJ. By connecting the CDJ again the problem persisted.

Was only possible to use again when I finished the CDJ RB.

Very strange this problem.

Doctor DJ

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