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Failing in calling out all the 3 hot cues on cdj2000

If  i save 10 cues in the memory of a track, the cdj2000 wont be able to call out all the 3 hot cues saved on that track


Use usb drive with data analyzed on rekordbox

1 - save 10 cues in the memory of one track (using the cdj2000 , not the rekordbox)

2 - create 3 hot cues on the same track

3 - go to other track and create 3 hot cues

4 - go back to the previous track (the one with 10 cues saved on it) and try to call out the 3 hot cues .

You will find out that you can call out only 1 hot cue !

Why ?

It does happen only when the quantize feature is turned on during the whole process (creating and trying to call out the hot cues)  !!!

It does not happen if the quantize feature is turned off .

I reported this issue on the old forum in December last year. Now that thread is gone and the issue is still there.

FW 4.05

Marian Eugen

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I've seen your video and the engineers are still investigating the issue.  Just to ask again (because to be honest, I deal with so many issues it's hard to keep track of all the details), were you loading these tracks from a fresh USB export or had you used it several times, possibly removing and re-exporting tracks?  Have you tried replicating it with a freshly formatted USB drive with the same tracks?

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First of all i want to make clear that this thread does not refer to the issue explained in this video      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL6eIQvZlB0

There are 2 slightly different issues

1 - The one i am talking about in this thread involves saving 10 cues in the memory of the track.  If no cues are saved in the memory of the track you won't find any problem in calling out all the 3 hot cues. Also the Quantize feature needs to be turned on .

Please run the test  i posted above, it's short and easy to run and you will find all the details u need for informing the engineers.

And yes, i used a fresh formatted memory stick (SanDisk cruzer blade, 8 GB). I used the HP formatting tool . I formatted twice before adding the rekordbox analyzed files, as u suggested.


This is your reply, after i first reported this issue in December 2010 :

  "@MarianEugen > Well, I gotta say, I'm stumped as to why it would do it -- sure enough, every time it was repeatable.

I guess nobody had tried loading 10 loops to memory then calling them over the link before!

I'll pass this along to the engineers, thanks for the find. "

Why i am posting your reply ?! Because i want to let u know that the link disappears from the equation  ! Just please run the test i posted above. It's hard for me to explain all the details, my english is not that good !!!!!!


2 - The other issue , the one showed in this video      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IL6eIQvZlB0 ,    does not involve saving 10 cues in the track's memory. It simply did not want to call out all the hot cues saved on some short tracks. I was able to replicate it very often back then.   However,  a few days ago i've tried to replicate it, loaded the same files, but did not encounter the problem.  Maybe it is because i do not remember all the steps , maybe the bug disappeared in the last versions of firmware. If i will ever encounter it again i will let u know.


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