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[SOLVED] Cue point from RB not remembered

Hello everyone,

this week i bought a pair of 350's and i have a problem , when i set a cue point in the rekordbox software, export a song into my usb drive and plug it into my cdj, the player does not know what i did in rekordbox, even though he knows playlists made in RB..

he also remembers only 1 cue point on 1 song (so when i set another cue point in another song, its overwriten) i set using the player, should it work like that ?

will appreciate every advice, thanks

jakub křivka

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@jakub > Sorry, but the 350 does not have a mechanism to recall stored cue, hot cue or memory points form rekordbox exports.  We have asked if it's possible for the player to be able to load the first memory point as the initial cue (if one is stored) but we haven't heard if they've been able to add this to the development or if it is possible in a future update.

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