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Flight Cases

I'm waiting for the 2000 Nexus to come out in stores to buy them, but I wanna get some flight cases and I'm probably  gonna order them now so they come in for when I have my decks.


The specs looked the same as the CDJ 2000s, so I don't see why not but I figured I might as well double check before I drop a bunch of money, will flight cases for the CDJ 2000 be completely fine to fit the 2000 Nexus?


Thinking about this case:  http://www.swanflight.com/pioneer-cdj2000-flightcase.html


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@T-Top > Yes, they are the same size player. If anyone wants to be ridiculously technical, the CDJ-2000nexus is 0.1mm higher.

There are also multiple threads on the forums talking about cases for the CDJ-2000's. Please use the 'Search' feature to find similar threads.

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See that these guys at Pioneer really do know there stuff. Yes the CDJ2000 Nexus will fit straight into the existing CDJ2000 flightcase that we currently manufacture. Look at the way Pioneer are looking after you all. Most manufacturers would change the dimensions on the units when bringing out a new model but not Pioneer. CDJ1000 MK1, 2 & 3 all the same size CDJ800 MK1 & 2 same size and now CDJ2000 & CDJ2000 Nexus same size. Pioneer equipment may not be the cheapest in the world (quality does come at a price) but they are obviously thinking far enough in advance to ensure that when you upgrade you wont need a new set of cases. Genius

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