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CDJ-350s to 2000s

Hey all, I've been practicing for the past few months on a pair of cdj-350/djm-350 and a thumbdrive (all music analyzed in Rekordbox)

I have some shows coming up and I'd like to use the club's CDJ 2000/djm 900 (or whatever they have). Anything I should be ready for? Will the transition be difficult or will I find the 2000s easier to use than the 350s? 

just looking for general tips/thoughts

(yes, I'm planning going to [retailer] prior to the show and using the 2000s)


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@lewes > All Pioneer gear is designed to be intuitive to the user when they are migrating from one set of CDJs and DJM to another - you shouldn't find anything too abstract moving from one set to the other but it certainly would be a good idea to get in some practice first before you play live - just to get used to everything.

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