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[SOLVED] Default Turning off cdj at the wall instead of on the unit

Hey guys,

Got a quick question that I hope someone here can answer, as I can't find anything online about it.

I've just got a swan coffin case to house my 2 CDJ2000NXS, and my DJM900. Got it all setup the way i want it now, but there's one problem. I'm not able to turn the units off individually like I normally would.

I've got a 6 plug extension cable in the coffin and have everything plugged in there with a power lead coming out of the top of the coffin. You can kinda see what i mean in this photo -


When I'm finished mixing, and want to pack it all up I have been turning off the units by unplugging the power extension that Everything is plugged into. I have no access to the back of the decks/mixer and have no way to turn them off individually.

My question is : will this damage the units at all, or should i be taking off the top bit of my coffin and turning them off individually each and every time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lucas Manning

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well I would have to say it causes no damage, From owning the 800mk1, mk2, 1000's and 2000's, I have never turned them off via the power switch, I always just kill the power to my entire case and it has never caused any damage

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I have done the same since I had the CDJ1000s.  Instinct tells me I shouldn't do it, but experience shows it seems to be ok.


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Well on / off buttons just kill power to the units anyway, right? But even so, the on / off buttons are there for a reason so I'd use 'em.

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