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[CLOSED] Pioneer CDJ 2000 & Pioneer CDJ 900 BPM Clock Accuracy & Compatability

Hi there , i am enquiring as to the accuracy between the CDJ  2000 and the CDJ 900 as a pair - 

CDJ 900 & 2000 

opposed to two 2000's or two 900's  ?  

the reason i am asking is because i currently own a CDJ 2000 and i use a different make of CDJ  and they worked completely in harmony 

EG 128 BPM flush on one unit & 128 BPM Flush on the other unit = No Drif's

i chose to upgrade to a CDJ 850 last week and the accuracy of them in comparison of the 2000 & Third party CDJ was not up to scratch  (with all respect)

i chose to buy pioneer for there near perfect beat clock technology that to me is 99% Accurate and that's what i expect for the price . 

and i am just wondering your feedback with my inquiry   to will a CDJ 900 & 2000 work the same way two 2000's will , as far as the BPM counter accuracy is concerned 

Than you for your time 


ben higham

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@Ben > If your beatmatching is absolutely spot on then you wouldn't need to make any corrections but in all likelihood you are less than likely to get it 100% bang on so you'll need to make some jog corrections. Two CDJ2000nexus however do have sync which allow them to match up exactly.

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