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CDJ 2000 Nexus fw 1.13 loop touch stripe bug

Hello Pioneers,


discovered a reproducible Bug on the newest CDJ 2000 nexus firmware 1.13 with several random Music files - all tracks analysed with the newest Rekordbox 2.0.7.

Source 32GB USB Stick


watch the Bug-Video here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsP9fUJ1npA

Would be great to wipe out the Bug because I am using this technique within just every mix.


There is also another Bug which I cannot reproduce? It will cause the freeze of the complete Player without any chance to get it back into the Mix -> Solution: Have to restart the Player?

This failure was not noticed in the 1.10 Version of the Nexus Players. Last Gig the Players freezed about every 1 hour!


Thanks for your attention,

Marcus W.


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