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CDJ 900 - error when wanting to play a track: not loaded.

Hi Pioneer,

I have downloaded tracks from Juno. All WAV files

I use a Macbook pro for downloading. After downloading tracks are automatically opened in iTunes. 

My USB is formatted in FAT.

My 2 CDJ900's are updated with the latest firmware.

Thing is that when I download new tracks, and add these on my USB, plus adding some other tracks which I have put on another USB in the past, my CDJ900 plays the new downloads, but when I want to play the "older tracks" they are being displayed as: not loaded.

If I connect my Macbook directly to the CDJ's and play my tracks from Rekordbox, everything works like it should and every track plays like it is supposed to be.

Hope you can help out!

Lennart Sloof Answered

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@Carlina > The issue posted by @lennart is almost 5 years old. Could you please create a new post and provide a full rundown of the issue and any relevant information (such as the USB drive, how it's formatted (FAT32, HFS+), the firmware version of your CDJ, etc), and we'll be happy to assist you. Thanks.

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