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AERO - Possible changes for Nexus/Hybrid version

i was tempted very much by the aero for its rekordbox player features, i currently have 2 x cdj2000 but only use the usb side of things so the aero tempted me, however a few things fall short for me and i'd suggest a few improvements for a nexus version or hybrid version. the wifi bit is not important to me just the standalone player capabilities for usb and rekordbox. i have no interest in using a laptop , dvs or cds for djing.

i'd suggest the following: (feature set of cdj2000 and djm900 without cd basically all in one unit)

ditch wifi gimmickry

add pro grade jog wheels with ball bearings like the ones used in the cdj 2000s

full colour hi res larger screen for each deck similar to cdj2000 nexus for full wave form and info (no need for laptop or ipad integration then). maybe add touch screen search capabilities so you can touchscreen keyboard search database with specific phrases or words)

add touch strip to search better within track like cdj 2000

add XLR MAIN Out 

add xlr Booth out (both stereo and mono)

add booth volume control

add dedicated Effects send & return

sell batched with case or bag 

add 2 extra usb 3.0 ports,  one so you can record set whilst using the other 2 usb ports as music sources so two diffeerent djs can use unit (add internal memory so you can buffer tracks too to enable removal and changeover to another usb source whilst track is playing)

upgrade sound quality to best available on the mixer output and players - wolfson dacs etc

add sd card slot - to load multiple samples for sample player that can be added to by the user

include thunderbolt export ability in rekordbox to thunderbolt drives


i think a pro version with sturdy metal construction will be the market leader then i really do,

people are ready to ditch cds and laptops 

i would be willing to pay 2 k for a top notch product - the present offering although good is not aimed at pro market

is such a thing on its way ??????


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mike_mc 0 votes
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+1 that was the ultimate Controller for Djs.
I will buy it for 2500 Dollars :)

markoerregger 0 votes
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I don't think they will quickly release any upgraded XDJ. Don't hold your breath! We are waiting very long forthem to fix bugs!

Kubitsky 0 votes
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