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XDJ-Aero bug

Hi, I am just posting another problem with XDJ-Aero which I found before, but nobody answered me.

I have a problem using the Sync function. It is the same on all firmwares. When I play the tracks and the last one ends, the new track becomes a master track and from time to time if I move the pitch a little on the new track - the original tempo jumps to the current 'pitch' position. Usually, It is working fine and the moved pitch depends of the bpm - like it was designed. So, If the new tempo is 122 bpm and the pitch is still on 118bpm - I have to adjust it and 'catch' 122bpm position - and that prevent the jump in sound. I am getting the problem a few times during 2-3 hour set everyday, but it is for sure, and it is a shame to hear the tempo jumps from 124 to 117bpm for example. I am not sure and I can't find the reason why it is happening randomly, my guess is this could come when i press stop/cue button before the track finish by itself. All new owners of xdj can check it, just turn on Sync and start mixing quickly. When you hear the new track press Cue on the previous track, the white master light is moving to the other side and after 2-3 sec. move the pitch on the new track, does not depend on which direction + or -. You will hear the jump randomly.

My all tracks are analyzed by newest recordbox, mp3's are 320 from beatport. If the problem happens, the number of bpm becomes a % pitch on the display, and the jump is coming in the same time.

Thanks for help.


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