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[CLOSED] Pioneer forget Rekordbox for the new XDJ-R1


you have forget to implement Rekordbox as a Source for the new DJ System. Why?

The XDJ-AERO has it. Can connect via W-LAN, but has no CD Units or Remote App. The XDJ-R1 has CD Units (very cool for a mobile DJ!) but no connection to Rekordbox.

Will this be possible with a Firmware Update and a new Rekordbox release in the future?

I will would buy the XDJ-R1 and connect my MacBook Pro with Rekordbox as a source and put it to the left side. Then I connect an iPad with remotebox and put this on the top like in the video.

Do more for your Rekordbox eco system and don't castrate it with every new Pioneer product release.


Jan Lange

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As we move forward with the unit we will look into this, meaning right now I don't know and when I do I will announce it here!

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I know the answer may be no due to hardware restrictions but is there anyway they can look into lifting the 10,000 file restriction on the R1? 10,000 files for a mobile dj's usb drive is nothing nowadays, my Promo Only collection alone is over 10,000

BriChi 0 votes
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