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[SOLVED] xdj rx questions

Hello Pioneer,


I just ordered the brand new xdj RX. Hope to get it this week.



I play a lot with pioneer nexus set, and if i put my usb in the players, they ask if they must load my settings, but the xdj rx does not do that? how can i manage that to work? or does that goes automatic? And if not will it be added in the new firmware update?

Thats it for now, when the pioneer arrives i will try to make a litle review, there are not a lot reviews this time? why not? i think its a great dj equipment...


gr niels

DJ Lionbeat

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Currently, no, the RX does not load the user settings the same way the CDJs can. Part of this reason is that the RX is less likely to be an "installed piece" where multiple DJs are using the equipment, and having onboard settings would be just as effective. Once you have set your preferences, they are stored each time you power-up the RX. Will it be added in future? Not 100% certain but it has been requested.

There aren't many reviews as the unit is still very new and hasn't had many units shipped globally, never mind North America.

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