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Traktor Setup for 2 CDJ1000s & DJM700


Recently got 2 CDJ1000s and DJM700.

I'm looking to get Traktor connected to my set up.

Having problems figuring out the best option.

I'm thinking of getting Traktor Scratch Duo 2 bundle but wondering if I have any other options?

I want to be able to play Traktor and use my decks at the same time.

Scratch will need timecode cds which will mean my cdjs can't be used when using them.

Also I've read DJM700 shouldn't be used as a midi controller due to midi issues and best to use as normal mixer because lose functions when midi.

Should I maybe keep cdjs separate and get Traktor pro 2 with traktor x1 controller?

I guess I would still need least Traktor audio 6 to connect everything.

Any ideas what I should do?

All advice appreciated before I spend my hard earned money or stuff I don't need .





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