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Traktor Pro 2 with Pioneer DJM700

Hi all,

I've been DJing with a pair of CDJ1000's and a DJM700 for several years now, and I recently branched out in to DJ software with a copy of Traktor Pro 2. I heard that the DJM's don't work particularly well with Traktor as a midi controller, but I'd like to use it simply as a cross fader.

Now I've never done anything other than connect my DJM and CDJ's with phono cables, so I have no idea where to start! I have access to a friends Focusrite Saffire Pro that he's said I can borrow to see how I go.

I assume I connect the Saffire Pro to my laptop via firewire. But then what do I do!?

Hoping that someone can give me some advice, as I've not been able to find anything on the internet.

Stephen Bishop

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Dude, start reading the Traktor manual... Use external mixer in the settings.

If you wan't to use your CDJ-1000's to control traktor you need Traktor Scratch Pro 2 with timecode CD's.

You can also find all info at NI's website.

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Thanks for the feedback Oakstream.

I flicked through the Traktor manual, but I guess I overlooked what I was after cause I didn't realise it was so simple! I'm not fussed about using my CDJ's - just want to hook in to the DJM700 to use it for crossfading between Traktor channels.

Is it really as simple as going from the output on my soundcard to two of the channel inputs on my mixer!? Looking at it like that, I guess all you're doing is taking the two Traktor channels to the souncard, then out to the mixer?


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