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Traktor 4 deck setup..

Hi there. Im really struggling with this one so need some help. I have a djm 2000, 2 cdj 2000's with traktor pro 2, and a traktor x1 controller. I want to mix using four decks in traktor but i cant think of a way to do this with my current setup. I would get another 2 cdj 2000's but ive already spend 6 grand on going pioneer this year. Btw the equipment is exceptional. Its come a long way from the belt drives i had 10 years ago!! Many thanks..


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@James > You simply change the mappings in the MIDI setup so that you have the ability to do something like assign the EJECT button of the player to "switch deck" much as you would do with a DDJ-T1's deck selection button.  This would allow you to control four virtual decks with one CDJ if you so desired.

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