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PC 'plug and play' compatibility with CDJ in HID

will I be able to plug in my PC laptop in HID (with traktor) into any club's CDJs and not have issues with the USB/driver stuff? My understanding is that you can plug a macbook into anything and it always works but PC's cannot be trusted for this.

Anybody using Dell laptop with traktor/serato w/ CDJs in HID?


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@drek111 > With most devices, Mac does not require drivers.  That's not to say that all Pioneer products will work without some kind of software; with the DJMs you need the application to help manage the input/output.  The CDJs work without need for drivers on Macs. but for a Dell PC, you'll need to download the drivers from here.  There's no harm in having them installed or even just sitting in your downloads folder waiting to be installed in the event you need them at a gig.  On my flash drive I carry around all the current drivers and firmware updates in case I need them or I'm using gear with outdated firmware.

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