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[SOLVED] Is this a feasible set up?

Hi, I currently use a MacBook Pro with RekordBox, 2x CDJ 2000s, a Behringer NOX606 (all connected via Ethernet hub) & a pair of KRK 5s. However, I am looking to switch to USB & also to add Traktor & Traktor Controller X1 (to primarily use for its FX features, as i'd ideally still like to use my CDJs as Midi-Controllers) to my setup. My 2 questions are: 1. Is this a possible setup? (MacBook Pro with Traktor, 2x CDJ 2000s, Behringer NOX606 mixer, X1 Kontroller) 1. Would I need an external soundcard with this setup? Bearing in mind I still want to continue using both CDJs running through different channels in my mixer? Many Thanks in advance


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@iconyx > Although I'm not familiar with that mixer yes, that should be a possible setup. Connect everything up via USB to your laptop (no external soundcards necessary) and play away. It may take a little configuration to get everything up and running.

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