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[SOLVED] CDJ2000 + DJM850 + Traktor Pro 2.6 + Advanced HID = No Sound Card Needed ?

My setup is as follows ,


2xCDJ2000 + DJM850 + Traktor Pro 2.6 + Advanced  HID Setting 

Will be i able to run the CDJ 2000 + DJM 850 as if it's a controller on tractor without the need of an external sound card ?

Was told that maybe some mixers do not work with this setup.. Is this true ?

One thing if i link the 2 CDJ 2000 by the LAN Cable and Connect the USB to 1 of the CDJ does it link the other CDJ as well to control like Deck A & Deck B.

How is the connection for the mixer though ? Kindly do advice couldn't find a FAQ about this.

This is urgent as i just got these 2 CDJ2000 for the use of ADVANCED HID. 

Eric Goh

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Your mixer is not involved as you will use this as a hardware mixer > Connect CDJ's to the DJM as always (RCA).

You need two USB A to USB B cables hook them up to your computer , route the Traktor sound to the CDJ's soundcards CDJ's will send traktor sound to mixer.

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@Eric > The CDJs have soundcards built in so no, you don't need an external soundcard.

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