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DDJ Ergo -- Song skips while recording but skipping cant be heard through headphones while mixing

Hello All, 


I have a very pesky and reappearing issue while I record a set with ERGO V and Traktor Pro 2's build in recording function. As I am mixing and recording everything sounds fine but once I am done and listen to the produced WAV file, in lets say a 50 minute set I would hear maybe 3 or 5 "jumps" as if the song repeats a beat at different parts of the set-- similar sound to the one produced back in the day when a needle would jump on vinyl. 

Is this a latency issue? I currently have it under 10ms.

Is this something else?

I also plugged the master out of DDJ into my M-Audio Pre2 interface on my desktop PC and recorded another set that way, thinking that maybe there was a glitch with Traktor's internal recording function but the "jumps" were recorded there also even though I CANNOT hear any "jumps" as I mix.

I would appreciate your comments/solutions on this.


System Specs: 8GB Ram / Intel i5/ Win 8

Chris O

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It could be a latency issue. You should also ensure you are not running any background programs / apps as these may cause interference (some users have even had to go as far as disabling the onboard WiFi during playback).

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If it's under 10ms and it's skipping, try upping it a bit. Regardless of your computer specs, it could be another factor causing the inability to continuously read/write the audio, thus the skips. Let us know if you were able to resolve the issue.

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