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[SOLVED] Update to Traktor 2.6.2 with DDJ-T1 Issue

I've been using Traktor Pioneer DDJ-T1 Edition 2 and I recently updated my software from 2.1.2 to 2.6.2. Once I updated my Traktor software I lost some settings controls, specifically the "Decks" tab in settings. I'm now unable to edit my deck format, wave colors, etc. I've tried uninstalling Traktor 2 completely, including the backup file. I reinstalled and put in the original serial number I was given to upgrade the Traktor Pro 2 demo version to Traktor Pioneer DDJ-T1 Edition 2. After doing all of this, nothing has changed. Customer Support has never heard of an issue like this and I was told it would be brought to an engineer's attention. If anyone else knows what the issue could be, please help. I'm using a MacBook Pro running OS X Mountain Lion.

Josh Ahadian

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IIRC, the "Decks" view is only available to Pro version, not the T1 edition:

T1 Edition Screenshot (2.6.3):


Scratch Pro Edition (2.6.1):


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