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[SOLVED] CDJ 1000 MK3 > Traktor Pro, Timecode control

Hi guys, 

I have a few simple questions for the CDJ 1000 MK3, Traktor users. 

Currently I'm playing on a DJM 800 / CDJ 1000 MK3 setup with CD's. I want to try out a new set up with a Macbook pro, Traktor NI Audio 10 and Traktor (scratch) pro > with the DJM 800 & CDJ MK3's. Before I buy the Traktor NI Audio 10, I'd like to know a few things:


When I'm using timecode CD's, am I able to see and save cue points which I set up in traktor?

So when I'm going to a gig with, let's say, 3 cue points in a track, am I able to use them as with other midi controllers? 



Can I still see the waveform of a track in my CDJ 1000 MK3 when playing with timecode CD's?


Is there a certain latency or delay in the CDJ 1000 MK3? If yes, is it bearable (in comparison with the regular CD mode)?


When I record a mix with the integrated traktor function, will traktor pickup all the effects & other movements made with the CDJ & the DJM 800 when assuming I've correctly setup the DJM 800, CDJ 1000 MK3's & NI Audio 10?


Any answers are very much apreciated. Looking for clear answers for the questions above for a long time now. People couldn't give me exact answers until now.



Jeroen Vermeulen

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1) Yes; those are stored within the software. You will be able to recall them with MIDI controllers.

2) No, there is no "waveform" from a timecode CD - if you've ever listened to it, it sounds like a constant high-pitched tone.

3) Any latency in your system would be inherent from the audio interface (NI Audio 10), the software and your computer's hardware ability to process the audio and signal.

4) No, the audio output will not be recorded if you are sending discrete channels out of the Audio10. What you COULD do is configure the Audio10 to have a pair of its channels as inputs from the REC OUT from the DJM-800, thus allowing you to record what is effectively the master output from the mixer, including all effects, into Traktor.

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