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[SOLVED] XDJ Aero and Traktor Pro 2 Audio Issues



I was wondering someone could help.

I'm using an XDJ-Aero controller with Traktor Pro 2. I already have the audio drivers installed on my Mac. When attempting to configure Traktor for use, it loads the ".tsi" midi file provided by Pioneer without issue; however there is nothing displayed in the audio output. My controller is not listed as an audio output device, so I get no sound. 

Are there different audio drivers I'm not aware of specific to Traktor? Please help.


Thanks in advance.

Kevin Tucker

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@Kevin > The AERO doesn't automatically load itself into Traktor's config settings with the TSI file; you need to manually select it.

With the drivers installed and the device connected, in OSX go to Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup. You should see this:


This confirms the device is connected. Next, open Traktor and go to the preferences and select the Audio Setup item:


Select the AERO as your audio device.

Go to the Output Routing item and set the Mixing Mode to INTERNAL and then set decks 1 & 2 to have outputs matching what you see here:


Also be sure to check that the MIDI ports are assigned! While I had imported the TSI properly, the In and Out ports for the device were "n/a" at first!

Go to the Controller Manager item:


Change the device to show the Pioneer AREO and then make it so the In and Out are set to the AERO as well.


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I have the same problem but with windows please advise.

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@Steven > Same thing applies with the exception of that first screenshot; you would be using the ASIO driver. If, by chance, you're running the 64bit version of Traktor, ASIO won't load and you'll need to change Traktor down to the 32bit version. You can follow these instructions:

  1. Go to "C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Traktor 2”. In this folder you will find the current 64-bit version of TRAKTOR PRO called “Traktor.exe”. Please rename this to “Traktor64.exe” so that you have a backup of this version.

  2. Open the “x86” subfolder. You will find another “Traktor.exe” inside. This is the 32-bit version of TRAKTOR PRO. Please move or copy this application up one sub-folder to the "C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\Traktor 2” folder.

  3. Now launch this newly copied “Traktor.exe” - this will now be the 32-bit version of TRAKTOR PRO.

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