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DDJ-SZ and TRAKTOR 2.6.8 (Pioneer TSI) - Some issues

I just received my DDJ-SZ and configured my TRAKTOR 2.6.8 on my MacBook Pro for use with the TSI from Pioneer. You did a lot of great work on that TSI! First thanks to that - great job. I also updated the firmware on the DDJ-SZ. Everything fine.

When I played around with it I found* four things* that does not work properly:

1. Very slow opening & closing the preference menue in TRAKTOR: As far as I can see Pioneer did a lot of special things for making the controller work with TRAKTOR. After importing the TSI it always takes about 30 seconds to open or close the preference menue from TRAKTOR every time. I know that problem from TRAKTOR when I have done a lot of different configurations with many MIDI controllers. But by giving TRAKTOR a new settings file (deleting the old one TRAKTOR builds a new settings files when opening up) and importing the Pioneer TSI again it´s the same issue. Does Pioneer know about that problem and is working on a new version of the TSI?

  1. Most of the controller things are working fine. But sometimes the Jog Wheels do funny things: I recognized an error when playing a track on Deck A: The Jog Wheel LEDs are screwing around but then it happens that the left Jog Wheel LEDs stop working although the track is playing. After switching between Deck A and C and coming back to A it did not work properly also. I then load a new track and it works again as designed. Is that a known problem that the Jog Wheel LEDs hang up? Can you fix that?

3. Jog Wheel Sensitivity: I recognized that the Jog Wheel sensitivity does not act in realtime like it is for the CDJ-2000 NEXUS within TRAKTOR where NI has native support for included. Do you work with NI to get a closer integration for TRAKTOR?

4. Layout 3+1: Pioneer states that you should use the TSI only in the way 2 Track Decks and 2 Remix Decks OR alternatively 4 Track Decks. I would like to use 3 Track Decks and one Remix Deck only. And the third Track Deck should be used via DVS with an additional turntable. Could you integrate that for the TRAKTOR community?

To sum up there are only few things missing to work perfect! Me and I think a lot of TRAKTOR users would change to the DDJ-SZ in case it would be the same support like for the CDJ-2000 NEXUS and the DJM-900 NEXUS (I own that setup in complete - it works more than fine!). The DDJ-SZ is THE controller for digital DJs on a highest level. But it needs to have a perfect integration - to be robust (it is!) - to be reliable (not 100% right now) - to be native integrated bei NI for TRAKTOR use (some open issues). It would be more than perfect to get a*DDJ-TZ - same like the DDJ-SZ but with total integration by TRAKTOR (HID-Support*) with the corresponding namings from the TRAKTOR software. So there would no need to learn about which controller button is corresponding to the one of the software!

Pioneer is THE standard in DJing - TRAKTOR AND Serato are the market leader for digital DJing. So please, Pioneer - got to NI (no regards on their own really good small controllers - there are also great!) - and integrate your Controller fully to TRAKTOR - the TRAKTOR community would be more than happy with that. DJs of electronic music are more familiar with TRAKTOR than Serato. But they also like to use professional equipment like the DDJ-SZ. It´s an open market - so please be open and let´s work together!


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I've had the same issues. Having paid for traktor I would like to be able to use it with the ddj sz and all the functions available on the sz that are available through serato, however I've had to put my hatred of serato to one side to be able to use my sz as using traktor it all seems very sluggish and unresponsive and the sound doesn't sound right at all, sounds like there is a filter or flange on constantly if this issue gets resolved with a future fix new tsi file I would be happy and move back to traktor.

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