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Pics Included - Cannot record! DJM 900/Traktor Set Up

Hi guys i hope this is in the right place, i did search and found nothing specifically like this. 

I'm not getting any audio signal from the channel i wish to record from. I go on my DJM utility window and i set channel 3 to record, then i open up traktor and the record section in the top right of the screen has no audio signal (blue lines) going into it. However, when i go to my "mix recorder" settings in traktor and change the record input source to deck A or Deck B then i get the audio signal from that chosen deck/s going into the record section i.e. blue audio lines become visible. That doesn't solve anything though as A. in only gets an audio signal from the channel i just switched it to and B. it doesn't even record it that channel as when i went to listen to it there was no sound. I have included pictures. I have no idea why there is not audio going in. 

I messed around with the output/input on traktor and didn't get anywhere. 

Pics show that i get no audio signal in record, they show my input and output settings, and they show how i do get a signal (all be it useless one) when i change the record input on traktor to deck A or B. 

I have two 1210's, and two cdj 2000 nexus (both in HID mode) hooked up to the djm 900/traktor...latest version for both mixer and traktor. Thanks in advance and sorry the pics could of been a tad better. 

matt khadem

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I'm guessing you didn't assign one of the channels (I use the last one, CH4 or D) within the DJM's configuration to send the mix...


See how I have mine set to MIX(REC OUT)? That's what you need to change, then make sure that the 7/8 input is assigned to the channel you'll record to within Traktor.

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