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[CLOSED] DJM-700/CDJ-350, how can I run these through VDJ?

Sorry for not searching around to see if this has been answered before, I checked a few other topics but they didn't answer everything I'm curious about.


My setup is a DJM-700 and x2 CDJ-350's, is there a way to hook these up to my laptop and use Virtual DJ Pro with them instead of something like a Numark Mixtrack Pro?


How would I get this done? What cords do I need? Do I need to buy some MIDI device or anything?


Thanks in advance.


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you will need a USB cable for each of the cdj350s for HID, they will also play the sound through the built in  sound cards. If you want to use MIDi with the mixer you will need a USB to MIDI cable. You can use the mixer as a regular mixer though in external mixer mode in VDJ.

To set this up is all in the VDJ Manual  

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