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[CLOSED] Virtual Dj Pro - DDJ Wego Audio Config Problem

Hi all,


Have asked the same question on the VDJ site but with no luck, so thought i would try here. I hope that someone can help, but i have just tried to use my DDJ Wego with Virtual Dj Pro and a pop up explained that the Audio set up was wrong, and I cant use the Wego because of this.

I have looked at various websites including pioneer, and from what I can see the Audio should be set up as:

Advanced Config:

Master > Built In > Output 1 & 2

Headphones > Pioneer DDJ WEGO > Output 3 & 4

Everytime I use this config the programme crashes, nd i have tired various other options but none of them are working. I am not sure why this happened, one day it worked, and the next it didn't.


Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Ross.

Ross Williams

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@Ross > What operating system are you using? Have you updated all software / firmware / drivers as necessary?

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This topic has been closed due to inactivity. Should you require future assistance with this issue, please create a new topic describing the problem and provide the URL of this topic as reference.

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