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virtual dj 8 pre release beta out now

With VirtualDJ 8 (finally) nearing completion, we decided to let all registered Pro users get access to a Pre-Release version.

Just go to the download page if you want to try it.

For all the others, the final public release should be a matter of days now.

We also created a new forum to talk about the pre-release, so if you have any question, comment, bugs to report, or anything, please use this forum.

Speaking of bugs, I'd like to point out that, as you all know, this new version has been rewritten from the ground up.

Unlike Version 7 and the other versions before, where we could rely on a code-base that had been used and tested over 18 years by more than 150 million people, Version 8 will likely still have some bugs and imperfection that a few months of beta-testing couldn't find all.

So, if you have an important gig coming, we still recommend using v7 to be safe.

Also, because it's a "pre-release", we are still actively adding/fixing/changing things, so you should see your pre-release copy being automatically upgraded very frequently (read daily) for the next few days.

But we will not change anything that could modify the "behavior" of the software, so it should be totally transparent to you. We are just fixing bugs at this point.


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Its now Public for a few days ago.

Check it Out !

I was surprised with all new features and the new "SOUND ENGINE" with timecode, works better than (s..no I cant write that ;-) ever.


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