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Cdj 350 and SSL

Hello I have a dude about the serato and Cdj 350. Actually I have two numark TTX, one xone 22, traktor X1 and SSL. I want to change the TTX for the cdj 350 to use it with HID.

I have 2 questions:

  • Is good the cdj 350 with serato and x1? I think that cdj 350 with serato and X1 is well because i have control with loops, cues, effects with the X1.

  • I have more precision in the cdj that numark TTX but this precision is good in serato with the hid?

I need opinion about the funcionallity of the cdj 350 in serato. I don´t found videos of the HID Cdj 350. What´s is your opinion?

PD: I´m spanish 


Antonio Sanchez

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