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[CLOSED] CDJ 900's with Rane 62 Mixer

Recently purchased 2 CDJ 900's and run them in HID mode with a Rane 62 mixer. Each CDJ is connected directly to a usb hub and the hub is the connected to one of my MacBook usb ports. I then run another usb connection between my laptop and the usb1 connection on the Rane 62 mixer. WORKS GREAT!  The problem or issue I have is when connecting a second laptop via usb connection to the usb2 connection on the Rane 62 mixer I am not able to control the CDJ's. The only difference I see here is that the usb hub is not also plugged into the second laptop and this does not allow for a smooth transition for the second dj coming on board. Any helpful thoughts, comments would be appreciated...



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You've answered your own question - the CDJs are mapped to one computer and not the other so you've no option but to plug out and connect to the other computer.

I'm not intimately familiar with the Rane mixer but it seems like you could continue to control the software with mixer from the second computer while transitioning.

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