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[CLOSED] serato sl2 and cdj 350

i just got the serato sl2 box but im  having trouble making everything work  the way its supposed to. so far ive only been able to use it with the time code cd's but i want to use the HID native control instead. but i dont know whats the right way to connect everything and make it work. i know all you need is the usb from the cdj's to the laptop but im not getting the select deck option when i turn them to pc mode. 

if some one can please tell me what the right way to connect everything is and how to make everything work properly i'd greatly appreciate it. thanks. 

Brad Rivera

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@Brad > You need the SL box also to be connected via USB to your laptop. Have you done so?

Connect the SL box via USB to your laptop, do the same with the CDJs. Then you'll need to connect up the audio cables (CDJ > soundcard > Mixer) and away you go

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