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[SOLVED] Recording Mixes with RMX1000 and Serato DJ

So i am trying to record using the RMX1000. I have the Pioneer DDJ SX with Serato DJ which is hooked up to to my MAC via the USB, I have then connected via phono from my master out into the RMX input then the input from the RMX to my sound system,

understanderbly when i record, the MAC only picks up my mix from the DDJ SX as it only has the usb from this connected, but how can I set it up so i can record my mix with the RMX Effects included.


any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

aaron horner

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@Aaron > The easiest option is to send one of the Master Outs to your speaker system and use the second Master Out to record. If you have an external recording device you can record into that or record back into your laptop at line level. If you check the FAQ section of the forum, we've a post that shows how to record using Audacity.

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