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What is the most stable version of Serato Scratch Live?

I haven't been on this forum for over 2 years and haven't used my equipment for a long time. In December 2011 I acquired a MacBook Pro and SL3. I've since been uploading all my CD's into iTunes (all at 320) but have never used the SL3! I have CDJ 400's so want to use Scratch Live rather than Serato DJ as I want to use them in HID mode which I believe is only available in Live for the CDJ 400's. I will only be using this at home and am not overly concerned with the latest and greatest effects etc. What I'm interested in is the most stable version of Scratch Live. Is it the latest version or an earlier one? If it's an earlier one, does anyone have a link to the download? I know I need to make sure my CDJ's are updated to work in HID mode but I've forgotten what needs doing. Can someone help and point me to the download needed please? Many thanks in advance Capitan :)


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@Capitan > Hey! Long time no see!

The latest version of Scratch Live is available on the Serato site: http://serato.com/scratchlive/downloads/

As long as you have the software installed, the SL3 box connected, the CDJ's connected, you're good to go - it's pretty straight-forward. That was the setup I used for years (with an SL1 box), and it was solid.

Let us know if there's anything else you need.

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Hi @Pulse, it's only taken me a year to get back to you!

Thanks for the reply, how are you doing, well I hope :)

After buying SL3 some 5 years ago I have only just (tonight in fact!) downloaded Serato onto my Mac and as I type it is currently analysing my files.

I was hoping to play about with it on my Mac only to start with, but it's flashing "Rane Hardware Disconnected". Do you have to connect the SL3 box even if you only want to use Serato on the Mac and not through a system?

Excuse my total ignorance, until tonight I'd never seen Serato other than on a outube video.

I'm hoping you are still around and can help, but if not can anybody else help me? I'm a total and utter Serato Scratch Live novice.

Thanks in advance, Capitan

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